The Future Of Education, Connecting Teachers and Students

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Empower Effective Lessons and Seamless Teacher-Student Connections

Valesson allowing students to request and schedule multiple lesson categories. Teachers can effortlessly manage approvals and communicate changes, while students receive notifications and payment reminders. Keep track of progress and enhance the value of lessons with Valesson's comprehensive features.

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Dashboard Reporting

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Calendar Schedule

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Payment Gateway

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Course Certificates

Simplifying Teaching and Enhancing Learning Experiences

Effortless Scheduling, Payment, and Progress Tracking

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Features includes

  • Portal and mobile application for effective lesson management
  • Calendar schedule with color coding
  • Easy time slot management
  • Class size linked to calendar schedule
  • Messaging for communication
  • Billing management
  • Payment gateway
  • Trade promotions
  • Manage multiple Teacher lesson
  • Course completion certificate

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