Simplify Time and Expense Tracking for Increased Efficiency

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Streamline Time and Expense Management for Seamless Workflows

Timinize offers an attractive dashboard, multi-currency support, and role-based security for efficient time and expense management. It simplifies the invoicing process and ensures secure access to sensitive information. Experience the convenience of Timinize for seamless invoice sending and payment, while effortlessly monitoring and analyzing time and expense data.

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Dashboard Reporting

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Multi currency Platform

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Track invoices

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Role based Security

Experience the Power of Timinize

Timinize is the cutting-edge software designed to revolutionize the way you manage time and expenses. With its comprehensive features

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Features includes

  • Project time tracking
  • Track time by Customer
  • Workflow for approvals
  • Multi-currency expense submission
  • Budget vs actual with burn rate
  • Billing Rate Management
  • Invoice creation and processing from timesheets
  • Track invoices for unpaid, overdue and paid invoices
  • Attach captured or scanned receipts
  • Subscription model for scalability

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