Efficient Processing of Vendor Payments

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PayEasy: Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy in Microsoft Dynamics

Discover how TechnicaX's PayEasy solution leverages Microsoft Dynamics to automate vendor payments, reducing processing time, minimizing human errors, and improving relationships with vendors. Streamline your payment workflows, ensure timely document validation, and enhance security features to optimize your procure-to-pay process effortlessly.

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Dashboard Reporting

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Automate Vendor Payments

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Secure File Transfer

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Customized Notifications

Empowering Organizations for Effective Vendor Payment Processing

Accelerate Payment Processing and Improve Vendor Relationships

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Features includes

  • Easily configure Automated vendor payments using different formats: ACH, SEPA, BACS, IAT and custom formats.
  • Securely transmit files to Bank through FTP servers (or) Email (or) Cloud file storage.
  • Maintain complete history of payment file generation, transmission and acknowledgements to provide comprehensive view of payment process.
  • Configure customized email notification to vendor with summarized payment details.
  • Customized vendor payment security protection features on top of the standard product which can be easily
  • configured based on payment amount thresholds or allow only key users.

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