Microsoft Dynamics Migration

Migrating can be a daunting task for your business, whether the strategy is to migrate from a previous version of Dynamics AX or from another business solution but TechnicaX’ s migration services involves a thorough analysis of your business through a hybrid of the proven sure step methodology and provide services to make your technology upgrades seamless with limited downtime

Migrating to a feature rich enterprise resource product like Microsoft Dynamics helps streamline your business processes by implementing industry best practices. During the course of the migration process operational inefficiencies are removed by identifying redundant work processes. Often migration services can involve software and hardware and it can be a simple migration like scaling to a new system or can involve multiple interfaces and integrations that result in a large scale migration. Whatever be the level of effort required in the migration process TechnicaX has the required knowledge and experience to manage the migration

Planning how to migrate static and transactional data from the current system to Microsoft Dynamics AX is critical for a successful data migration process. TechnicaX offers expertise for planning data migration and helps customers cleanse data iteratively until the data is consistent and can be transacted

TechnicaX’ s Solution consultants have been implementing a plethora of MS Dynamics business solutions for nearly more than a decade.Our experience and expertise with Microsoft Dynamics suite of products have made us attentive of the common pitfalls and areas that require attention during the process of extracting and restructuring of the data to be imported, for a smooth migration process.

TechnicaX provides complete migration services for Microsoft Dynamics and support for projects of various complexities. Get in touch with us for a pre-consultation brief.

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