In the current scenario of market driven environment, manufacturers are faced with a high pressure to consistently deliver high-quality products on time and to the right place. It is imperative today that the manufacturers stay lean and agile, and also explore possibilities for product innovation to sustain profitability

Microsoft Dynamics provides feature rich set of tools can help manufacturers satisfy customer demands, through lean manufacturing, forecasting, lot and serial functionality for trace ability and achieve on time deliveries through optimized demand management and shipment process. In addition, be able to track quality and provide service management with service level agreements.

Manufacturers obtain a competitive advantage using Microsoft Dynamics, and also experience better profitability for years to come through already proven business processes that similar industries follow as best practice. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics has technology that use layers allowing to build custom tailored solutions that are unique to the business offering the agility required to achieve industry excellence in manufacturing models.

Microsoft Dynamics can help achieve be effective through

  • Business process automation of the production process and throughout the supply chain
  • Quick response to market trends in satisfying demand, manage abnormal demand through better forecasting, be able to do collaborative planning and replenishment, schedule and manage capacity
  • Better manage governmental compliance and regulatory
  • Improve supply chain processes by integrating operations and streamline material flow to stay competitive
  • Increase efficiency by managing inventory, perform mixed mode production, lean manufacturing and use a constraint based scheduling engine
  • Perform efficiently at global level with multi-language and with multi-currency operations
  • Gain real time access to business metrics through Business Intelligence & enhanced KPI monitoring abilities to make faster, and informed business decisions.
  • Quick access to financials and reduced financial reporting time

With abundant industry experience and expertise in implementing MS Dynamics products, TechnicaX has the capability to work with manufacturing companies looking to maximize their efficiency and increase their profits. We provide strategic technology solutions that combine best of the business processes and automation tools to our customers to effectively utilize their assets to manage their fluctuating costs and margins, decrease response time to shifting industry trends and also reduce their supply chain risks.

Make us your solutions partner, and our team of industry specific experts shall work with you through our proven implementation methodology to transpire the solution and deliver sans hype

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