Configure | Price |Quote

Configure | Price |Quote

TechnicaX offers CPQ that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics and CRM

If your business has a build to order scenario where a specific configuration is manufactured then you need a Configure Price and Quote software that is seamlessly integrated with enterprise solutions along with capabilities that include

  • Powerful, fast Configured BOM creation
  • Powerful Formula functions
  • Define stock configurations & kits
  • Get immediate color-coded feedback if an error is made

Enterprise solution that seamlessly integrates to provide CPQ capabilities to perform?

  • Enables unassisted quote & order creation via the web
  • Shortening Quote-to-Cash cycles with accuracy
  • Proposal Generation Consistency
  • Proposal Revisions
  • Supports multiple sales channels
  • Create role/user specific rules & pricing

CPQ solution that results in managing fewer systems?

  • Enabling CPQ Maintenance by Business Users
  • Rapid Response to Changing Business Requirements
  • Deployment Flexibility

CPQ that is integrated with a business solution that can share information across business?

  • Ensuring BOM and Work Order Accuracy in Production
  • Reducing Rework and Returns
  • Improving Concept-to-Delivery Times

Are you looking for a solution that can share information across business?

  • Supports On-Premise & Cloud Deployments
  • Goes Offline
  • Discount Approval Workflows
  • Used widely in the small and medium business
  • Flexible discounting options

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