Bank reconciliation is an expensive and a cumbersome process that is required by the businesses to execute the procedure on a regular basis. This time-consuming and cumbersome reconciliation process of manually matching transactions against a general ledger and correlating this information with a bank statement exposes a business to errors and financial risk. Automating the process can greatly reduce the time and remove manual error thus providing the Finance team accurate snapshot of the company finances and cash flows.TechnicaX –Bankeasy is a complete solution to handle end to end bank Reconciliation process and provides Finance Controllers and Treasury department with full visibility of Bank accounts with an automated process.

The solution significantly reduces the manual effort and errors and integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Cash and Bank management module. Users can easily configure reconciliation rules and patterns to improve matching subsequent reconciliation runs.

TechnicaX – Bankeasyensurescommunication between bank file servers happens in a secure way ensuring that confidential data is protected and inbuilt security in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations ensures that users with appropriate roles are able to access confidential data.


  • Import bank statements automatically from Bank FTP server or cloud storage
  • Statement Reconciliation process can be setup to run periodically in the background and update balances or manually.
  • Mapping rules can be setup to match transactions in system and statement and system provides unmatched transactions in an easy user-friendly format.
  • System automatically creates missing reconciling transactions to balance the statement.
  • Provides real time overview of actual cash availability across all bank accounts and entities.

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