Planogram Generator Module

A planogram is a merchandise planning tool that defines the location and the quantity of products placed on a store shelf. The rules for creation of a planogram are usually set by merchandising team. Planograms helps define a retail store’s layout that generates maximum return per square foot of retail space.

Planogram shows on what shelf and on which aisle an item is located. The complexity of Planogram varies upon the size of the store. With the store operations constantly changing, almost all the retailers use some form of planogram software. For retail chains, a Planogram ensures consistency of product placement in all the locations, to provide consistent same look and feel to their customers.

“Planogram changes constantly to create excitement and Improve ROI”

Not all product assortments are available throughout the year and most products have a short shelf life. It requires the skills of planning assortment which includes strategic placement of the merchandise so that they can sell out before the season is over. Sometimes a product does not sell due to lack of demand which implies the use of advertising techniques so as to increase the demand of that product.Our multi dimension planogram solution provides your merchandising team, the flexibility required to display the products as it would appear in the physical store using real product images. There is no hit or miss anymore, as is the case with the traditional Planograming tool. Multiple merchandisers can collaborate together within their group and also with buyers/buyer techs to generate maximum return per sq.ft. Our Muti dimension planogram tool is eco friendly and provides quick ROI realization.

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